About Us

Whether over the phone or in person, we love to talk to potential new clients. We offer a "no pressure" free initial consultation for our services. If you do not want to hire us, you do not owe us anything. Some cases are taken on a contingency basis, while others are on a flat fee. Once we sit down and talk, we can come up with a strategy that best suits your needs and your case. Give us a call at 404-923-0446 to begin. We specialize in the following areas…

Workers' Compensation Claims

The laws of the State of Georgia are very straight forward regarding an injury, however it is still a good idea to consult an attorney. Your Employer and Insurance company will have a legal representative looking out for their best interest. You should have one looking out for yours. If you are hurt at work, you are entitled to the following:

  • Lost wages during the time you are disabled from work or on restrictions
  • Medical benefits for all treatment related to your injury
  • Compensation for permanent impairment resulting from your injury

Criminal Cases, Traffic Tickets, DUI, Misdemeanor and Felony

Don’t let a mistake permanently ruin your record!
Anyone can have a bad day or a momentary lapse in judgment. Don’t let your small mistake become an even bigger one by ignoring your rights or potential defenses. A trained criminal defense attorney may be able to outline a defense strategy that can result in winning at trial, reach an agreement to reduce the charges, or minimize the punishment from the state. Our office has successfully handled:

  • DUI / DWI Defense
  • Shoplifting
  • Minor in possession of alcohol or drugs
  • All traffic offenses, like speeding and driving on a suspended license
  • Assault & Battery

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

Someone else’s mistake should not cost you your future.
If you were the victim of someone else’s negligence, you may be facing lost time from work, complete loss of a job, or debilitating injuries. You have questions about the loss of your property or the mental and psychological impact of your accident. It is critical to recognize that you must seek timely professional assistance to protect your right of recovery. No one wants to be the victim of an accident, and no one wants to file suit, but failing to do so could compound your tragedy. If you talk to the insurance company after your accident, keep in mind that their job is to minimize the payout to you. Your potential recovery can include:

  • Payment of medical bills related to your accident and recovery
  • Reimbursement for property damage and deductibles
  • Payment for pain and suffering
  • Payment for future economic loss resulting from an inability to work