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A dash cam or dashboard camera can provide you with crucial evidence in the event of a car crash. As the name implies, it is a camera that is mounted on your dashboard. It acts as a witness to any incidents that occur while you are driving. It is designed to carefully and accurately record every detail that takes place on the road for you.

Why do I need one?

There are a variety of dash cams that range in price and features. We recommend the Rexing Dash cam. They have proven to help drivers protect themselves from false accusations. The evidence from a dash cam can be used to protect yourself from hit and run charges, causing vehicle accidents and more.

Having the peace-of-mind of knowing that your vehicle and your rights are protected by undeniable evidence is priceless.

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You need a dash cam. It will protect you from having to pay for damage to your car caused by someone else. The recording device offers footage of what happened before/after the crash and also provides you with clear footage of things you may not catch with your eyes. Some camera angles are often overlooked by the naked eye. If the accident was not your fault or if you are not sure, the footage will show you.

You can use
a smartphone or a GoPro but...

A GoPro or smartphone is not a good substitute for a dash cam.
There are major limitations to consider with each of these devices:

A dash cam is made to be mounted securely and a GoPro or smartphone are not. Your GoPro or smartphone can easily fly across your dashboard when you take sharp turns and even more so on impact. They can miss recording on impact and can break or get lost in a wreck.

Your dash cam will start automatically so you don't have to stress about remembering to record. Drivers are likley to forget to start their devices or remember when they are already driving. Your dash cam will start automatically

Dash cams are designed to withstand heat while GoPros and smarphones are not. They are not designed to record long periods of time and will overheat and shut off in an attempt to cool down. Dash cams are built to record no matter how hot or cold it is outside or inside your car.

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Capture video evidence

Parents can monitor their teen drivers

Provide insurance companies proof of your innocence

Provide the police with footage they can view as evidence

Record scenic drives

Capture any incidents that occur around your vehicle when its parked

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We LOVE dash cams because they give us powerfull proof we can use on your behalf in the event of a personal injury case. Even if you are an excellent driver and don't anticipate getting in a crash, you need to consider that other drivers may not be as careful as you. They will not hesitate to blame you for a crash they may cause. Rather than risking the "he said, she said" game, make sure you have proof. Dash cams are a convenient way to protect yourself and your family. They are wrth the piece of mind.