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At Rohan law, we understand that being accused of a DUI can be scary. It is a serious charge, and you should seek legal representation from an experienced criminal defense lawyer backed by a law firm you can trust. Otherwise, you may find yourself with a record and penalties that are completely avoidable. When you call us, you can expect us to evaluate your case and present you with realistic options based on your unique situation. While being charged with a DUI may leave you feeling overwhelmed and hopeless, please do not give up and plead guilty before calling us. We want to be a safe place for you to turn to when you are accused of a DUI, so if you have questions call us right away, and we will provide you with an evaluation of your case. In many instances, we can have charges dismissed or reduced to a lesser offense.

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Your rights may have been violated when you were pulled over: One of the first things you can expect us to do is to examine why you were pulled over and what your interaction was like with the police officer who issued the citation. Many people do not realize police have very specific rules that they must follow in each interaction, and every individual has certain rights that are legally protected. For example, in Georgia, the police have the right to ask you to take a field sobriety test, but you also have the right to refuse. If your right to refuse a test was not respected and you were forced to take a test against your will, then those results cannot be used against you. You need a law firm that understands what those rights are and a lawyer who can fight for you when your rights are violated.

You have a right to refuse field sobriety tests: In the state of Georgia, it is implied that you consent to sobriety tests that can include breath, blood, and urine tests by virtue of driving on public roads but you can refuse to submit to field sobriety testing if you are asked. You have the right to NOT incriminate yourself. If an officer pulls you over, you can decline to take the test and ask for an attorney to represent you right away. You should remain calm and be polite, but you don't have to agree to submit to a test. Please note that if you refuse to submit to any breath, blood, or other chemical test offered under the implied consent law, your license may be suspended. In some cases, this is a more acceptable consequence if you have concerns about the test results. An experienced attorney from our law firm can assist you with a license suspension and DUI. You will have about 30 days from your DUI arrest to request a hearing to reinstate your driving privileges, so the sooner you call us, the better.

Police must follow rules too: Officers are required to follow certain guidelines set by the United States Department Transportation when they administer field sobriety tests. Devices like breathalyzers should also be calibrated and tested for accuracy. Medical conditions that can account for may have impacted your results need to be accounted for. These are just some of the many factors we can look into to refute the results of a field sobriety test.

It matters if it's your first time: The penalties for a DUI in Georgia can vary on a number of factors, such as the type of DUI, whether the charge is a misdemeanor or felony, and whether it is your first time being charged. There are also different classes of DUIs, and DUIs can be considered felonies or misdemeanors. Your license can get suspended for a year or more, and you could be facing serious jail time. If you have never been charged with a felony DUI before, you are considered a first-time offender, and the chances of getting the charges reduced are greater, and the penalties can be less severe. Experienced legal counsel will be able to determine if you can avoid jail time under Georgia’s “first offender” statute. For instance, we have helped clients walk away from a first-time DUI offense with zero jail time and some community service in lieu of a license suspension in jurisdictions around Georgia.

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In this legal guide, you will get a summary of the top 10 things that police officers look for to pull people over and issue citations and charge people with other crimes like DUI, possession, no license and other crimes. Avoiding legal trouble can be simple if you simply make it a habit to follow the tips in this guide.

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