Don’t let a mistake permanently ruin your record! We all make mistakes or have done things we are embarrassed about.

Don’t let a minor issue become a big problem by giving up your rights. Instead, let a professional defense team help you minimize the potential long-term negative consequences.

Why Should I Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney?

You have rights, and those rights should be respected, but you may feel that those rights are not respected when you are accused and charged with a crime. We understand that it can be stressful to navigate the legal system, and our experienced attorneys will guide you through the legal system and advocate for you to get you the best possible outcome. Even if the charges result from mistakes or lapses in judgment, our attorneys can help protect your interests by minimizing or reducing charges, fines or citations.

Types of Criminal Cases and Lawsuits

Traffic Violations: Have you recently received a traffic violation? If so, you need to contact an attorney before your court case. Do not pay for your fine before talking to us first. A good attorney can help lower your fine or lessen the points on your license. Your driving record is important; whether for work, or to keep insurance rates low.

DUI: DUI cases are very serious and should be treated as such. Since there are a lot of nuances of a DUI case, hiring an experienced attorney that knows how to navigate the courts and police departments is critical. We have experienced attorneys on staff that will fight for you.

Juvenile Criminal Defense: When a minor is charged with a crime, it can have a significant impact on their future such as acceptance into colleges, careers, and the ability to live a rewarding life. When your child is charged with a crime, hiring an attorney is paramount. We have experienced staff that understands that although juvenile cases are similar to adults, there are several aspects which are more sensitive and need the help of an experienced attorney.

Some of the most common legal matters that fall under this category of the law include:

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The most common criminal cases our clients face are related to traffic violations

In this legal guide, you will get a summary of the top 10 things that police officers look for to pull people over and issue citations and charges. Avoiding legal trouble can be simple if you simply make it a habit to follow the tips in this guide.

As your criminal defense attorneys, we’ll plan a strategy that can help you win your trial, negotiate a reduced charge, or decrease your punishment.

We’ve successfully represented charges that include:

  • No Driver’s License • DUI / DWI • Shoplifting
  • Minor in Possession of Alcohol or Drugs
  • All Traffic Offenses, like Speeding and Driving on a Suspended License
  • Aggravated Assault & Battery
  • Drug Trafficking and Possession
  • Sexual Misconduct, including Rape and Sexual Battery