Your Referrals will get the VIP Experience at Rohan Law

Refer Cases to Rohan Law

Your Clients Will be in Good hands

We appreciate your willingness to trust us to take good care of your clients and prospects who need assistance in an area of the law outside your own. We want to assure you that we will provide them with a VIP experience that will reflect well on your firm.

At Rohan Law, we understand that when people need legal representation, they need more than a lawyer, they need a support system. They need people to lean on, who can guide them through the unknown and who will fight for them in ways that they cannot fight for themselves.

We know that your law firm is just as passionate about helping others and shares our values and we look forward to working with you on every case you send our way.

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Use this form to submit your referral

Fill out this form for your referral and make sure you include their most current contact information and select their preferred language. Write your name in the "referred by" field so we know who to thank for the referral. We will email and text them instantly with a welcome email and instructions to take advantage of our VIP services.

Your Referrals will get access to a VIP helpline so our intake can give them priority.

We will also relate their contact information in our system to provide you with important updates about their case. You will be notified as soon as we connect with them and qualify their case. You will also get updates on their case outcomes and of course, any co-councel fees we are ready to send you.


You can refer a variety of cases to Rohan Law

We handle a variety of cases in the area of criminal law, and workers compensation. Below is a list of the case types you can refer to when considering wether or not Rohan Law if a fit for your contact.