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Most Law firms require payments in full for certain types of cases. We offer financing and payment plans for our law firm services through Affirm so you can get the peace of mind you need no matter what your financial situation is.


How do Law Firms Charge and Are there Financing Options

We understand that paying for legal fees can be overwhelming, especially when you are dealing with unexpected situations. To help our clients get the assistance they need, regardless of financial circumstances we do offer a variety of fee structures and payment arrangements.

Consultation fees: Some law firms charge you to ask questions. However we offer free cosnulattions to all first time callers. So you can reach out to us about any case in the area of Criminal Defense, Workers Compensation and Personal Injury and we will provide you with an initial assessment at no cost to you.

Contingency Fees: Most of our services are offered at no charge to our clients for cases involving Worker’s Compensation and Personal Injury. We get paid only if we win your case. Our services are provided to you with no upfront costs on a contingency basis for both Workers Compensation and Personal Injury.

Flat Fees: When it comes to Criminal Defense and other related cases, we also offer a free consultation to start. After we discuss your case with you at no charge, you can expect to get a regal strategy proposal from us with a flat fee or retainer.

For non contingency or flat fee/retainer fees cases we offer payment options with Client Credit, which is powered by Affirm. To learn more about ClientCredit, you can read the FAQs here. This new payment option is in addition to the options we already offer, and you can use whichever payment method you prefer. The ClientCredit payment option is subject to eligibility. Payment options through Affirm are provided by these lending partners: To get started with your application, click the pay later button below.

Do you have questions about an existing payment plan or credit application? You can contact Affirm with questions about financing options for law firms or reach out to us below for help with other inquiries related to pricing and payments to Rohan Law.

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