If you are a construction worker you need to protect yourself

Work-related injuries are quite common in the construction industry. Employers and their insurance companies know this and take steps to protect their interests. If you work in construction, you should know that as soon as you get hurt, both your employer and their insurance will do everything they can to avoid paying your medical bills and any compensation you may be entitled to. They have an army of lawyers by default, and as soon as you get hurt, you should also consider lawyering up. You could file for benefits directly with your employer's insurance but rest assured, you will get a lot more if we represent you, even after you factor in our legal fees. The sooner you call us, the better.

The Construction Industry is Dangerous

If you work in construction, you probably have an idea of the risks. Some of the most common accidents we see include falling from heights (ladders, roofs, scaffoldings), car accidents, injuries due to debris and malfunctioning equipment, and slips and falls. Injuries from these and other construction worker-related accidents can include broken or sprained arms, legs, ankles, back. In extreme cases, we have seen skull fractures and have represented families and spouses of construction workers who have suffered fatal injuries.

How Can a Worker's Compensation Attorney Help Me?

All workers' compensation attorneys work on a contingency basis, which means they only get paid if you do. Consider this before you assume that this means you will have less money if you hire an attorney. On average, injured workers who have a lawyer end up with 35% more than what they would have received without an attorney. This means that even after you pay attorney's fees, you will likely be better positioned to get your medical bills paid and your salary benefits if you hire an attorney.

We Know Construction Job Accident Cases Inside and Out

At Rohan Law, we know how these systems work and can anticipate the tactics used against you in your case. For example, we know the construction industry very well and can tell you which injuries they may try to argue were NOT caused by your job. We also know how insurance companies use medical practitioners to build a case against you as a construction worker.

We Will Start By Giving You a Free Evaluation of Your Case

We Will Review The Facts: One of the first things we will ask you about during your free case evaluation is your injury. When did it happen? Where did it happen? How did it happen? Were there any witnesses? Did you report it? If so, how and to whom? We will then provide you with an initial evaluation of your case based on the facts.

We Will Explore Available Policies: Many people do not realize this, but when you file a workers' compensation claim, you are not necessarily suing your employer; you are filing a claim with their insurance. In construction accident cases, we can explore insurance policies that can cover your injuries from the employer's perspective and, in some cases, other policies that can be tied to the job you were on at the time. For example, if you were in a car crash on the job, you could be entitled to compensation from your employer's workers' compensation and auto insurance policies.

We Will Discuss Medical Treatment: Many construction company managers are trained to refer their injured workers to medical practitioners affiliated with the company and the insurance company that represents them. While this may seem like a nice job perk, it can be a way for the employer to get a medical expert to minimize your injuries, so they don't have to pay you for time off or fully compensate you for medical treatment. If you are a construction worker, we can help you get the best possible treatment and take steps to make sure the costs are covered for you to recover faster.

Workers' Compensation cases can include a variety of legal matters such as:

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Know your rights as a construction worker in the state of Georgia

Getting hurt on a construction site in Georgia can be a frightening experience. Some injuries happen instantly, and others occur over time because of the stress your body endures as a part of your job. At Rohan Law, we have seen so many construction workers get taken advantage of, and we developed resources to help you know what your rights are and how to protect yourself. We have helped injured workers in Atlanta for over 10 years. This guide summarizes some of the most common tips we give our clients to ensure their rights are respected and they get paid the maximum compensation they deserve.

Our experienced Construction Injury Workers' Compensation lawyers will protect your interests, including the right to:

  • Recover lost wages during the time you are disabled from work
  • Receive medical benefits for all treatment related to your injury
  • Obtain compensation for permanent impairment resulting from your injury

Remember: The insurance company is not your friend and is not there to help you but we are!